Wild Zoo Children's Furniture: Working to minimize our impact on the environment

Green Points

  • All major desk components and packaging materials are sourced and milled from within 165 miles of our production facilities.

    • Helps minimize transportation (emissions).

    • Supports local manufacturers and labor.

    • Keeps the money local, not going overseas.

    • Pacific Northwest is a leader in sustainable and low impact logging operations.

      • Forests re-planted after harvest with nearly 100% success.

      • Wildlife and habitat protected both during and after harvest

      • Wood is renewable, reusable, recyclable and continues to store carbon dioxide after it is processed

  • Engineered board substrate is all CARB (California Air Regulatory Board) compliant, more stringent than national standards for formaldehyde emissions.

  • Screws and metal 'L' brackets are all American made.

  • All packaging material is TCPH (Toxins in Packaging Clearing House) certified for landfill emissions, and is almost completely recyclable.

  • Packaging material exceeds ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) requirements for safe transportation for weight and distance traveled, while reducing to a minimum the amount of packaging that is used.

  • Water-based lacquer is safer and doesn't require oil based products.

  • Minimal use of plastics and oil based products in the furniture reduces dependence on foreign oil.

  • All lighting in Wild Zoo office is low mercury ProLume Eco-Shield ® extended life bulbs which are TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leach Procedure developed by the EPA) compliant. The shop uses Phillips Alto ® bulbs which are also TCLP compliant and made in the USA.

  • The minimal amount of wood waste produced during the manufacturing process is stored and used in an EPA Certified bio-heat wood-waste burning heater during the winter months to heat a home.