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The pre-school Buddy desk grow kit will make an existing pre-school Buddy desk the grade school height, alleviating the need to purchase a new desk. The grow kit consist of a completely new set of grade school size legs that will replace the existing pre-school size legs on your desk. Once the grow kit is installed, the look and function of the desk is identical to a factory ordered grade school buddy desk. The grow kit will raise the seat an additional 2" from the floor and increase the distance between the seat and desk top 2 for easier entry plus increase the desktop height an additional 4".

Preschool Buddy Desk Grow Kit

  • Before ordering the pre-school Buddy desk grow kit, please measure the height of your existing desk. The grow kit is designed to be installed on a desk that is 19" tall from the floor to the top of the desktop. If your desk is 23" tall, then it is already the grade school size. Also, please make sure that the seat on your desk is attached to the frame with 3 (three) bolts, and not 2 (if it is attached with 2 bolts, then it is a single child PC desk and will need the PC desk grow kit).